AMT Plastics Recycling

AMT operates a full-service plastics recycling facility conveniently located in Orlando, Florida.   Our facility offers grading, sorting and separating of most plastic grades. AMT Plastics recycled materials is used by many industries, including, plastic extruders, injection moulding, thermoforming, and fibre industries.  Starting in 2019, a new division of Applied Materials Trading, LLC. will begin to manufacture 100% recycled trash bags and other plastics product at AMT’s Mount Dora, Florida facility.

Our plastic operating lines include:

  • Large parts shredder
  • Granulating lines
  • De-dusting
  • De-matalizing
  • Pelletizing


We also offer high density baling for export plastic grades. Commercial Tolling services are also available

One Ton of Recycled Plastic Saves:

5,774 kWh of electricity

685 gallons of oil

98 million Btu’s of energy

30 cubic yards of landfill space

Only about 25% of the plastic produced in the U.S. is recycled.  If we recycled the other 75% we could save 1 billion gallons of oil and 44 million cubic yards of landfill space annually.